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The 1995 Washington State Legislature created the Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration (WSCPR) to assist users of pesticides in obtaining and maintaining pesticide registrations for minor uses in Washington State. To more fully meet the state's pest management needs, the 1999 Legislature authorized the WSCPR to fund all forms of pest management options including biological, cultural and chemical control of pests. 

The Washington State Commission On Pesticide Registration seeks research proposals that will support Washington pest management. The Commission meets quarterly and reviews the proposals annually at the December meeting. The WSCPR also hosts an annual agriculture tour which highlights the pest issues for the diverse crops of our state.

Please contact us for information on participating in meetings, being involved in the pest tour or submitting proposals. All meetings are virtual until further notice. 

2021 Meeting Schedule:
March 24th
May 26th
September 22nd
December 14th & 15th 
Please contact us for Zoom meeting info: Contact us

Due to Covid-19 the WSCPR has had to adapt to ever changing guidelines. Please contact us to stay informed on meeting participation and our agriculture tour.


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